Accepted Posters from Open Call for Posters

  • Operating System Support for Fine-grained Pipeline Parallelism on Heterogeneous Multicore Accelerators A. Koshiba, R. Sakamoto, M. Namiki [PDF]

  • How to Make Fast DVFS Beneficial in Mobile Devices S. Yoon, K. Lee, T. Han [PDF]

  • Caribou: A Platform for Building Smart Storage Z. Istvan, D. Sidler, G. Alonso [PDF]

  • A Preliminary Look into Unsolicited Mobile App Traffic T. Lyko, Y. Elkhatib [PDF]

  • DeNoVo malloc: Validating Data in Persistent Memory A. Martens, R. Scholz, P. Lindow, M. Kastner, R. Kapitza [PDF]

  • Virtual Machine Introspection Based SSH Honeypot S. Sentanoe, B. Taubmann, H. Reiser [PDF]

  • Size Matters: Improving the Performance of Small Files in HDFS S. Niazi, S. Haridi, J. Dowling [PDF]

  • SnailTrail: Online Bottleneck Detection for your Dataflow R. Sager, J. Liagouris, D. Dimitrova, A. Lattuada, V. Kalavri, Z. Chothia, M. Hoffmann, T. Roscoe [PDF]

  • LibSEAL: Detecting Service Integrity Violations Using Trusted Execution P. Aublin, F. Kelbert, D. O’Keeffe, D. Muthukumaran, C. Priebe, J. Lind, R. Krahn, C. Fetzer, D. Eyers, P. Pietzuch [PDF]

  • Towards Formally Verified Python Software Transactional Memory B. Kordic, M. Popovic, I. Basicevic

  • Putting the OS in Control of DRAM with Mapping Aliases M. Hillenbrand, F. Bellosa [PDF]

  • A Characterization of State Spill in Modern Operating Systems K. Boos, E. Vecchio, L. Zhong [PDF]

  • Differential durability: fault-tolerant distributed differential computation A. Lattuada, V. Kalavri, M. Hoffmann, F. McSherry [PDF]

  • Make Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Systems as Transparent as Possible B. Li, N. Weichbrodt, J. Behl, P. Aublin, R. Kapitza

  • MEDEA: Towards Expressive Scheduling of Long-Running Applications P. Garefalakis, K. Karanasos, P. Pietzuch, A. Suresh, S. Rao [PDF]

  • Untie a Knot in a Last Stage Buffer J. Yeon, M. Jeong, S. Lee, E. Lee [PDF]

These posters will be co-located with conference from the main conference during the 3-hour poster session on Monday 24 April 2017.

Posters of accepted EuroSys’17 workshops will be co-located with the 2-hour welcome reception on Sunday 23 April 2017.



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